Batubara Investment

Date : 19th December 2009
Time : 9.30am to 12.30pm
Venue : General Consul of Republic Indonesia in Penang
Attendance : Lee Eng Leong and Foo Fook Sin
The Indonesia government had initiated the idea to develop less developer area of Northern Sumatra at strategic location Batu Bara, a township not far from Medan.

The Indonesian authority has formulated INVESTMENT POLICIES to attract investor to Batu Bara especially Malaysian Investors who are closer and has been traditionally one of the major investor in Indonesia.

The sectors traditionally are restricted to Indonesian, are not open for investment to foreigners, these included infrastructure, hotel , plantation, food industries.

The current world economic crisis and the performance of Indonesian economy has spurred the idea of investing in Indonesia.

It showed that Indonesian Government has tried their very to change the mind set of Investors by demonstrate their keen interest to open up Indonesia inspite of rushing in the formulation of the investment policies.

My attendance with Mr Foo Fook Sin , a Director of Foo Yen Soo & Sons Sdn Bhd ( Member of PCCC) has been very fruitful because it open up a new window of opportunity for potential Malaysian investor who whish to invest in Indonesia.

However, we opined that the promotion has not provided much focus on the type of investment opportunities. Details of investment will be provided on individual basis.

They are very friendly and helpful to provided further information if requested.

We would suggest that interest investor to get contacts provided to us for further details.